Top 5 BEST US Cryptocurrency Exchanges 2023 (LOWEST FEES)

5 BEST US Cryptocurrency

What is the best exchange in the US? To buy any cryptocurrency? Like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Salona, XRP, you name it.

Which one should you buy crypto on? Because after all, whether you’re trading a couple of hundred dollars or several thousand dollars or even a hundred thousand dollars, fees really do add up.

So today I’m gonna have a no-nonsense guide. We’re hopping right into this to show you what the best crypto exchanges are right now.


if you want to save yourself a bunch of money. So the very first thing and the most important thing is the fees. Like I just said, you can save yourself thousands of dollars by picking an exchange that has the best fees.

All these exchanges are centralized exchanges that are available to US users. So if you’re out to the US. This list might be a little bit different for you. But if you’re inside the US, This is for you. 5 BEST US Cryptocurrency

Best crypto exchanges

The top ten best crypto exchanges are here listed. On the left side we have Binance us, kucoin, FTX us, coinbase pro,, bitforex, kracken, Gemini, etorox and Voyager.

And like we said before, to save yourself thousands of dollars, potentially the most important feature is the trading fees. And this is all for spot purchases.

So this is not futures or derivatives. This is solely buying and selling cryptocurrency on these platforms. Finance US actually has one of the best fees, with 0.1% actually 25% cheaper at 0.075% when you use BNB to pay for your crypto exchange fees.

So, for example, if I want to go buy one Ethereum, I can pay with BNB, which is finances Coin to pay for those fees. And that actually gets me a 25% discount further on those fees, as you’ll see here.

5 BEST US Cryptocurrency
5 BEST US Cryptocurrency

In a second, this rate is actually one of the best in the industry for US users. kucoin also offers a similar fee structure.

It’s got 0.1% which is the highest fee you will pay, and it’s actually 0.08 or 20% off when using their native coin. Next up FTX us has a 0.1% similar to Kucoin and Binance maker fee. 5 BEST US Cryptocurrency

But if you have a taker fee, meaning that you take on a transaction that someone’s already put out there, it’s 0.4%. So if you are the maker of a transaction, it will cost you four times more in fees than if you take another person’s offer.

This can get a little confusing, but just know that there’s a difference here. And overall, FTX US rates are pretty good as well. Coinbase Pro is one of the biggest platforms on here, and it is a 0.5% rate.

Now, 0.5% really doesn’t sound like a high number. Really, it isn’t that high of a number, but compared to these other rates, so far, it is five times more expensive than when using Kucoin or Binance US naturally.

And it’s almost seven times more expensive than Binance US when you’re using BMB to pay for those fees. Keep in mind here that Coinbase Pro, as great as it is, and I do love it, is very, very expensive compared to some of these other trading fees.

And when you’re trading thousands of dollars, five to seven times higher can really add up to a lot of money saved. has a similar one to FTX UX with 0.4%, which is slightly lower than Coinbase Pro. And again, when Staking crow their native coin, you can actually take that down another 10% to 0.36%. 5 BEST US Cryptocurrency

bitforex, also rivals Kucoin, Binance and FTX US by having a 0.1% trading fee, kraken’s 0.26 so it’s somewhere in the middle of the pack. Gemini, similar to FTX, has a maker and taker fee, which is also very similar to what Kraken’s fee is.

Etoro is very, very hard to determine what the actual fee is, it’s somewhere between 0.75 and 2.9. So by far one of the worst fees so far.

And then Voyager says it’s 0%, but really it’s spread-based. So you have to look at the price of whatever you’re buying or selling at the time when you’re buying or selling to know if the market rate that you’re paying is higher or lower than other exchange rates.

Coins (5 BEST US Cryptocurrency)

The next biggest thing to consider is how many coins are available on each exchange. And I know this may not sound like a huge factor, but believe me, as you get more into cryptocurrency and you’re not buying top ten coins like Bitcoin or Ethereum, you may want to dabble in some other altcoins.

And I will say there’s a huge discrepancy in these crypto exchanges in the amount of coins that they offer. Kucoin offers 571 different coins.

5 BEST US Cryptocurrency
5 BEST US Cryptocurrency

That is by far the most out of any of these exchanges. Other notable ones are Coinbase Pro, and bitforex, which all offer well over 100 coins each other than FTX US, which is relatively new. 5 BEST US Cryptocurrency

All these exchanges have a pretty good amount of coins available. Most of them have the top 50 in there, even though FTX US only has 24 available coins at the moment.

I think this number will go up quite a bit as they evolve over time. Going right along with the amount of coins available is the amount of pairs available. So that means how many different coins can you buy with different types of currencies?

So one pair example would be Bitcoin to US dollar or Ethereum to US dollar, but another pair would be Bitcoin to Ethereum, where you can exchange Bitcoin for Ethereum without having to go back to US dollars first.

So even though certain crypto exchanges might have a lot of coins, let’s see how many pairs they have. As you can see, most of these have a pretty good amount of pairs.

Some of these have several hundred coinbase pro,, bitforex, crack, and all have over 250. Kucoin, again with 571 coins, has over 1000 different pairs, which is insane.

5 BEST US Cryptocurrency
5 BEST US Cryptocurrency

Finance US also has over 100 different pairs, so just about double the coins they have. FTX US, same thing, double the amount of coins they have. And then Gemini and Etoro actually don’t have very many pairs.

I think Etoro is specifically paired with US dollars, so that one’s pretty weak. When it comes to trading cryptocurrency, the last important feature that I consider when looking at an exchange is their security. 5 BEST US Cryptocurrency

You don’t want your exchange getting hacked and your funds being potentially stolen or any funny business going. So here are the ratings for each of these crypto exchanges.

AAA is the best rating you can get, and then it goes all the way down to an F rating. Etoro and Voyager didn’t have ratings because they haven’t been tested by the crypto exchange Ranks cybersecurity Ranking, which is a pretty robust security measuring site that a lot of major crypto exchanges use to determine their security level. You can see right here, it lists out the top 100 by rankings and by solvency.

5 BEST US Cryptocurrency

But basically the security rating is based on three core tests the penetration test, the proof of funds, and the bug bounty.

So you can see most of the exchanges we’ve talked about, Kraken, Finance US, Regular Binance, Coinbase, and Gemini all have high A ratings.

And they all pass these tests. When we look at solvency, you can also see the trust score, the balance of bitcoin on those exchanges, the ethereum balance, the total balance, and insurance for those funds.

And these are important things to note, because if a platform doesn’t have a good amount of liquidity, that can be an issue.

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It’s also a red flag that if they don’t have a lot of money, that doesn’t mean they have a lot of people that trust in them. 5 BEST US Cryptocurrency

So let’s break this down really easy for you guys to understand which ones are highly rated on security and which ones have some potential flaws.

As you can see right here, Binance, Coinbase,, Kraken, and Gemini all have double or AAA ratings. kucoin, bitforex and FTX UX currently have reasons why they don’t have a ratings.

5 BEST US Cryptocurrency

As you can see right here, kucoin currently is ranked 28 overall with a BBB security rating. It does have a ten trust score, which is good, and it’s got a considerable amount of money in its balance.

However, it doesn’t have funds insurance. The good news is that Kucoin does have all three tests the bug bounty, proof of funds, and penetration tests. So overall, it got a BBB rating.

When we look at FTX and FTX US, you can see the FTX platform actually has a BBB rating just like Kucoin does. It’s got a ten trust score and it’s got a significant amount of funds in its balance.

It doesn’t have funding insurance just like FTX US doesn’t. But the reason that FTX US has a C rating is because the trust score isn’t a ten and this site doesn’t have access to the number of funds on FTX US. 5 BEST US Cryptocurrency

So over the next couple of months I imagine this score will go up significantly because I do think FTX US is a trustworthy site coming from its parent company FTX.

FTX US right now is just a subset that abides by all the US laws for that exchange, just like Binance does with Binance US. So I expect these numbers to change and this rating to go up significantly.

Another means reason that FTX doesn’t have a higher rating is because it doesn’t have a penetration test. That’s partially because it hasn’t been around very long and hasn’t had enough time to be tested that way.

When we look at bit four X, it also has a C rating, but because it doesn’t have a bug bounty test pass.

To be honest, this is a little bit more concerning to me. You can also see it doesn’t have funding insurance, it has a trust score of seven, and it doesn’t have nearly as much money as FTX does on their platforms.

5 BEST US Cryptocurrency
5 BEST US Cryptocurrency

Pros and Cons :

the last thing I want to add here is pros and cons. Binance us. There are no fees, it’s got a trading view chart. The cons are it’s a somewhat confusing UI and mostly the con is it’s not available for New York and Texas users.

kucoin obviously the biggest pro is that it’s got a ton of coins. It also has no KYC, which means know your customer, meaning that you don’t have to put in your personal information on kucoin to buy and sell. 5 BEST US Cryptocurrency

For some people that’s a big deal and it definitely makes it a lot easier to make an account for Ftxus. As I told you guys earlier , this obviously has NFT fees and an NFT platform right on the exchange for both Ethereum and Solana.

And there are no trading fees, which is absolutely massive for users who are interested in the NFt space. Unfortunately for us US users FTX us is significantly limited compared to FTX.

Just like Binance uS and Binance. I would love to see more features come to FTX US, but obviously with US law there’s a lot of implications that make it difficult.

Coinbase Pro is still one of my most trusted platforms because it is a publicly traded US company. The only major con for Coinbase Pro, aside from the fact that it’s got one of the highest fees on this list, is the lack of expert features.

It really is only good for buying and selling. Spot is definitely coming up in the scene. They’ve obviously done a lot of advertising, the sign-up bonuses and the reward benefits for crow holders is definitely worth looking at if you are interested in that kind of thing.

The one downside is that there are higher fees for low-volume traders. So unless you really invest a lot of money into a crow and into the application in the rewards, you may not see as much benefit as other people.

And then for these other exchanges that I personally don’t think have as much value as some of these top ones, you can see my pros and cons right here.

Now that we’ve gone through it all, you can see which exchanges are best at which features. Here are my final rankings and what I use each platform for Binance US.

If I’m buying a top coin, I typically like to use this platform because it’s the lowest fees overall. 5 BEST US Cryptocurrency

So I’ll buy and sell things like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Top Coins on Binance US. If I’m looking to pick up an altcoin, Kucoin is the place to go.

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