100% Risk-Free Investment in Capital Guarantee Plan 2022 | Higher Return than Mutual Fund

Capital Guarantee Plan 2022

Friends, first came covid, then Russia, Ukraine war and now the situation between America and China is going a bit bad. Where its effect is also visible on the Indian economy,

it becomes very important in such a critical time that you plan your investments smartly and invest in such instruments where you will get guaranteed returns, risk assets If you are investing in this, then your capital amount should be 100% safe.

Talking about Nifty Fifty in the Indian market, the return of the last one year is equal to Nil. That is, if you see the portfolio of people, then it has also gone negative.

Had invested ₹ 1 lakh and now the portfolio is ₹ 70,000, see everyone wants to invest in the market to earn good returns, but due to the fear of negative returns, many people keep themselves away from investing in the market.

That is why today I will tell you about one such investment plan. In which you can invest your money and take advantage of the upside momentum that was there in the stock market, but your portfolio will be completely safe due to the downside moment.

That is, you will be guaranteed 100% Capital Protection. That is, your invested money is going to be completely safe, today we will know about the capital guarantee plan,

what are its advantages and what happens, whether you should invest in it, then if you should, then how should you do it? You can invest. Let us first know.

Capital guarantee plan
Capital Guarantee Plan 2022

Basic Details Of Capital Guarantee Plan

What are these capital guarantee plans and how they work, then what are capital guarantee plans are a type of investment plan and along with this you are also offered an insurance policy, in which the principal amount of the investor is, Some of that money is invested in equity, some of those portions are invested by the insurance company within the debt category, now you must be thinking that if the name of equity comes in it, then there will be risk inside it. Capital Guarantee Plan 2022

But whatever your principal amount you will deposit in it. That amount will be your full hundred percent guarantee. Meaning that whatever money you invest in it till maturity, you will get at least full return.

You will be given at the time of maturity and if suppose the market performs very badly. That’s not going to happen.

In reality but assuming the market proposes very badly and your policy premium amount and its equity portion gets completely sunk, you will still get your Hundred Percent Capital Guarantee.

That is, what you did on the principal amount, you will get it at least at the time of maturity. That is, if the market is upside down, then you have fun and even if the market goes down, you do not have to worry, then it will be a matter of what is a capital guarantee plan and how it works. Capital Guarantee Plan 2022

Look at some of its more features and what you should invest in it or not. The first and biggest reason is that you get the advantage of those who are up in the market without any risk from your investment and your investment amount is also hundreds Percentage remains safe.

Capital guarantee plan

Meaning, no matter how poorly the market performs, your principal amount is always going to be safe and this is guaranteed to you at the time of buying the policy.

Talking about other big regions, why should you invest in it, then your monthly premium is in it. Suppose you are depositing ₹ 10,000 in it monthly, then you are also given an insurance cover of which time monthly premium i.e. 120 times your monthly premium.

For example, a person started investing in it and paid the first month premium of Rs 10 thousand in it and after that he dies From any region, it will get an insurance cover of an amount as much as 120 times the monthly premium and if we talk about the next benefit, like other life insurance, you get to see two benefits under income tax.

First, whatever insurance premium you pay, you get its deduction under section 80C and with its help you can save tax of ₹ 46,800 and at the same time this policy matures 10 years 20 years How long does it matter if you get some money back, the entire amount is tax free for you. You do not need to pay any tax over that amount.

Now let’s talk about its return, then all the fixed income investments are made as if the bank has become FD. Debt mutual fund or any investment happens.

In its comparison, you get to see very good returns inside this plan, so overall, your money remains hundred percent secure in this scheme. Along with that, insurance is also available.

At the same time, tax benefits are also seen and after the recent market crash, people started investing their money in capital guarantee plans because if the market goes up then you will benefit and if the market goes down also. Capital Guarantee Plan 2022

If so, then your money is similarly hundred percent safe, so if you also want to invest in equity. For long term and you also do not have proper knowledge of share market and also want to keep your money safe then you can invest in capital guarantee plan.

Now the question must be coming in your mind that how to invest in this plan, then you can invest in this plan through many insurance companies, but here I will suggest you, you can use policy market, Policy Bazaar You will get to see many investment plans of more than 20 insurance companies together as you can see.

Capital guarantee plan

Famous Insurance Companies

You will also find the names of popular insurance companies like HDFC Life, Tata AIA, ICICI Prudential, PNB MetLife, SBI Life and many more.

The policy market also does not promote particular products of insurance companies on its website. Look at your requirement, whatever will be the best plan for you, it will be visible to you above. Capital Guarantee Plan 2022

According to your budget, you can choose the best plan according to your requirement from there. Its special thing is that you will get the products of all the popular companies at one place.

You can compare from there and choose the best plan according to you. Otherwise what you have to do is go to the website of different companies, do note down there.

Compare them, after that select a plan and have done here that you will get all the work done at one place. You don’t have to do anything on your own and if you invest in this investment option through an agent, then whatever amount you have will be invested.

Out of that a portion will be given to the agent as commission and the rest amount will be invested by you. That is, the investment amount you had will be reduced a bit. But through Policy Bazaar, you can invest zero percent commission in the policy.

Now what will be the benefit of this that whatever money you invest will be fully invested.

No commission, no charges will be taken, so if you are also thinking of investing in capital guarantee plan, then let us now tell you how you can invest in it, by clicking on the capital guarantee plan link, you will get on this website.

Capital guarantee plan

Capital guarantee plan

Have to come Here you have to enter your name and enter your contact number and click on view plans, then the page will come in front of you.Capital Guarantee Plan 2022

Here you can see how much amount you have to invest, do it monthly or do it annually, you can select it from here. At least you have to invest one thousand rupees a month.

Capital guarantee plan

For how long to invest, here you will get the option, you have to do it at a time, you have to do it for five years. You will select the option from here for the time period for which you want to invest 10 years and seven years.

After this, the details of the best plan will come in front of you. as you can see. The details of the best plans of the popular insurance company have come in front of you.

You can check your pay 10 year return here. Here they will show you the return according to whichever period you have selected as you can see. If some plan has 14% return, some have 12.7%, that is where you can check the estimated lumpsum maturity payout.

Some have 1 crore in some, you will get to see 60, 70,80 lakh different amounts. By doing this below you will also get options. You can check here and to invest in any plan, next to that, you will get the option of Get Details here.

By simply clicking on it, you can get to know more about this plan and some kind of page will open in front of you. Capital Guarantee Plan 2022

Here by entering your basic details, you can invest directly in that plan from here itself, so if you also want to make only the profit of the market without the risk of the market without the knowledge of the market, then in the capital guarantee plan You can invest with the help of policy market.

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