How to Write with Chat GPT: Secret Tips 2022-23

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Buckle up because this is going to be huge for you. No, I mean it. This one is actually a game-changer. Chat GPT is a true superpower when it comes to writing and getting started and using it as an assistant writer is not very hard.

But there are several hidden prompts and formulas that you really need to know about to get the most out of it. And at the end of the day, if you’re using Chat GPT you already have a competitive advantage.

But even within that, this content will give you another advantage overall. And first I want to begin with a use case that you’ve probably already seen and that’s asking to write an essay.

But I need you to start thinking differently about this because this is what chat GPT really sees in the background.

And if you see the formula written out like this, it allows you to craft prompts that are completely unique to you.

And then you can start expanding it with building blocks like in the style of and then you insert the style. And this is really the key to becoming a little more advanced here.

Okay, and here a quick tip on a few things you could insert instead of the variables. Instead of essay, you could a poem, blog, article or song. And instead of Hemingway, you could pretty much pick most public personalities that have published a large body of work.

This could range all the way from philosophers and religious figures to comedians like Dave Chappelle. Okay, now that you understand the basic writing prompt, I want to show you some tricks and keywords that will help you to get the most out of your writing.

I’ll just pick the first paragraph in Wikipedia of my favorite artist and we’ll use some of these keywords here. So when I inserted into chat GPT and put it into quote marks, one fantastic keyword here is rephrased.

What that will do is express the same ideas in a different tone. Now yes, this could easily be abused to Plagiarize, but I’m not here to judge the ethical implications.

I’m simply showing what is possible with this technology. And as you can see here, it turns the Wikipedia article into an almost original piece of text, kind of.

And if I use a basic Plagiarism checker and first check for the Wikipedia article and then for the chat GPT output after I rephrased it, this is what I get.

The Wikipedia article is 80% plagiarized, obviously. Actually kind of surprising that it’s not 100 right. And as you can see, the chat GPT output gets a 100% unique rating.

Now look, I’m fully aware that universities have more complex Plagiarism checkers, but the point is that the keyword rephrase is pretty damn powerful. Okay? So the next super powerful prompt right here focuses on a different aspect of writing.

A lot of times when you write you first have to research. In order to research, you need to absorb information. And if you do a work well, you absorb a lot of information Like a book.

That would also be a typical school assignment, wouldn’t it? I could just go ahead and say, provide me with an outline for the book The Old Man and the Sea. By the way, I read that and so should you Incredible book.

But let’s see what Chad GPT can do here. So, as you can see, provide me with an outline is an extremely powerful prompt because you could run this on books, articles, or even transcripts that you feed it yourself, and you can always go in and say, elaborate.

On a second point, santiago sets out to see early one morning hoping to catch a big fish and end his streak of 84 days without a catch.

And then in the end, overall, Santiago’s struggle with the fish serves as a metaphor for the humans struggle to overcome challenges and persevere in the face of adversity.

Legendary story. Worth reading, but also a very useful prompt. Okay, so here’s one that you could totally use for learning purposes when working with a young person.

Let’s say they write a text and they use pretty basic vocabulary. Yesterday I went to school. It was really fun. Me and my friends had lunch, and then we played cards.

Now, instead of explaining to that person, hey, maybe you could string these together, or maybe you could use more advanced words or adjectives.

Simply put the syn quotation marks and tell Chad GPT the following replace my simple vocabulary with advanced English. Yesterday I visited school.

The experience was quite enjoyable. My friends and I shared a meal together and afterwards engaged in a game of cards. And honestly, using a tool like this, this is one of the better ways to communicate with a human being.


You can take input that they generated and show them instantly how else this could be approached. And as per usual, you can follow up with now write it in the style of a video game dialogue and instantly picks a tone of voice that resonates with young people.

But now let’s move on to the next point. All right, and here is my last one. And buckle up, because this is going to be huge for you. No, I mean it.

This one is actually a game changer. Actors and professional spelling and grammar corrector and improver. Sure, I’d be happy to help. Please provide the text.

And now we’ll completely butcher this and see what it can do. Okay, let’s just submit this and see what we get. That is perfect. And here’s one bonus tip.

Now write that in the style of a Pulitzer Prize winner. If you didn’t know, Pulitzer Prizes are literary Oscars.

Greetings, dear sir or madam. As a connoisseur of the English language I find myself in need of a refreshing beverage. And what could be more fitting than a classic Coca-Cola?

Pretty cool. And as previously mentioned, you can think about these in terms of formulas. So really, I just gave you the secret sauce to so many functions, if you think about it, because actors and professional spelling and grammar corrector, and the improver can be seen as actors and professional insert profession Now you pick.

And right away you can start talking to a psychologist or electrician. And trust me, you’ll be surprised by how professional and educated they actually are.

All right, so what all these have in common is that they took a different approach to communicate with the AI. And that’s really the key here.

The data set that this has been trained by is in certain ways superior to what humans can know.

But then there’s other things we do way better. But by knowing some of these tips and tricks, you can really combine the best of both worlds your intuition, emotional intelligence and knowledge with the AI’s data.

And that’s the whole point of , I was only able to show you five prompts. But the truth of the matter is, there is so much more.

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