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After being abducted, a young woman becomes the surrogate daughter of a peculiar family. Download Daughter Movie

While adapting to their peculiar ways, she uncovers dreadful secrets from their past that hint at even more ominous prospects for their future.

There are echoes of the Turpin case and Josef Fritzl’s basement in this tense arthouse horror shot in grainy 16mm with auteurish confidence by first-time film-maker Corey Deshon. Download Daughter Movie

While this drama within the drama recalls “Dogtooth,” an acknowledged influence, nothing else about “Daughter” feels so distinctive.

The symbolism remains heavy, but it’s all in service of a powerful prisoner’s story, about the small ways people find freedom.

Sadly, the film is all build-up. While this fact ensures the end will be unsatisfying in its ambiguity, it also means that everything coming before the letdown is quite effective. Download Daughter Movie

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‘Daughter’ movie is a rare achievement, turning a small budget and a simple story into a cinematic experience we can unravel to find new things over multiple viewings. Download Daughter Movie

This film, written and directed by Corey Deshon (making his feature debut), presents itself as a thriller but becomes about the limitations of knowledge

A technical marvel, in Daughter first-time director Corey Deshon has crafted an exceptionally intricate film that flips conventions and expectations on their head.

Daughter Movie Caste & Details

Genre: Mystery & Thriller, Horror
Original Language: English
Director: Corey Deshon
Producer: Vivien Ngô,Tracy Chitupatham, Corey Deshon, Jes Vu
Distributor: Dark Star Pictures
Writer: Corey Deshon
Release Date (Theaters):Feb 10, 2023
Runtime: 1h 35m
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Daughter Movie Review

Review No.1: 

Daughter is not scary, and I don’t think it was intended to be. I just wanted to see what was going to happen next while enjoying the slow-paced ride all the way to the finish line. Download Daughter Movie

Review No.2: 

Immerses the viewer in an eerie world within the house’s beige interiors, making Father and his warped ideas scary and mesmerizing, right up to the chilling final shot.

Review No.3: 

It uses the emotional legacy of Casper Van Dien to fill in an impressionist, authoritarian portrait of domestic life and community structure.

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Download Daughter Movie


Daughter is a timely horror movie that explores gender roles and authority. The drab setting highlights the hopelessness of it all and by the film’s end everyone will be unsure of what will happen going forward. Download Daughter Movie

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