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After living through a global pandemic for one year, a group of friends gather at the remote Tahoe Mountains to spend time at the “Historic Strawberry Lodge”.

Their planned weekend getaway soon becomes a nightmare as they uncover the truth about the lodge, leading them to the brink of survival.

Deadliest of all, “Fear” is just not scary. The jump scares don’t land, the fears themselves are all a bit silly and it feels like Taylor is holding back for the majority of the run time. Download Fear Movie Full

A wonderfully nasty film that revels in its lack of originality.

It is frustrating to watch Fear carelessly oscillate between creature feature, haunted house movie, and folk horror.

Despite a diverse cast and a nifty location, this soggy, inert horror movie unfolds with a most unimaginative collection of worn-out genre staples, starting with its bland title.Download Fear Movie Full

It’s horror comfort food that doesn’t address what it teases at the start, but still competently provides the basics. Download Fear Movie Full

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Very much a pandemic movie – made at the height of it when paranoia, fear, and confusion was running deep – and art imitates life here for sure. Over the top and a lot to take in for sure.

Fear provokes uninspired results from its flat execution of a promising-enough horror concept. Download Fear Movie Full

Deon Taylor doesn’t exactly have a good track record (The Intruder, Meet the Blacks), so over the years, watching his latest work has become a cinematic fear of mine. It has not changed with Fear

Fear Movie Release Date & Other Details

Genre: Horror, Mystery & Thriller
Original Language: English
Director: Deon Taylor
Producer: Roxanne Avent
Writer: Deon Taylor, John Ferry
Box Office (Gross USA): $1.9M
Distributor: Hidden Empire Releasing
Release Date (Theaters): Jan 27, 2023
Runtime:1h 25m

Fear Movie Reviews

Review No.1: 

This is a movie I hope gets remade. There is something here in the concept — the horror element in here it fell flat for me, [but] the psychological thriller elements I actually did like — again, in concept.

Review No.2: 

There’s little thought behind the narrative of Fear on a foundational level. Download Fear Movie

Review No.3: 

The only thing you should be fearing is the amount of time wasted watching it.Download Fear Movie Full

Review No.4: 

Taylor and Ferry get lost with this impotent chiller, trying to tap into something ill-defined, using all the hacky horror moves they can muster to keep 15 minutes of story going for 90 minutes of tedium.

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Download Fear Movie Full

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