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Halim and Mina operate a caftan shop in a historic Moroccan medina. To meet customer demands, they employ Youssef, whose presence affects Halim deeply. The movie is Morocco’s submission for the Best International Film category at the 95th Academy Awards. Download The blue caftan movie

Maryam Touzani’s film is as precise and vivid as its titular garment.

The Blue Caftan” doesn’t romanticize the complications and conflicts facing its two soulmates, and precisely because of that it feels like an utterly honest tale of romance. Download The blue caftan movie

The situations in this scrupulous, compassionate, and quietly captivating picture, written and directed by Maryam Touzani, are tense, to be sure. But the movie itself doesn’t surrender to the tension.

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Every scene and every close-up of a stitch in “The Blue Caftan” feels like an eternity. Download The blue caftan movie

The Blue Caftan” sets up what seems like a love triangle primed to boil over, but the movie remains at a simmer throughout, eschewing confrontations for gentler, more complicated forms of connection.

The film is best experienced by simply wallowing in the lushness of its fabrics, sartorial and symbolic alike, refusing the temptation to unspool its poetic parallels. Download The blue caftan movie

Writer-director Maryam Touzani’s film centers its love triangle great restraint, and subtlety. It may hold back too much, but the drama observes repressed love, regrets and affection with delicate skill. Download The blue caftan movie

The narrative is unusually involving, weaving in personal themes that have a strong emotional impact.

The blue caftan movie Release date & details

Movie Name:The Blue Caftan Movie
Original Language: Arabic
Director: Maryam Touzani
Writer: Maryam Touzani
Release Date (Theaters): Feb 10, 2023
Distributor: Strand Releasing
Runtime: 2h 3m
Download The blue caftan movie

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