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What Is A Methadone Clinic in the Treatment of Opioid Heroin and Prescription Drug Addiction?

A methadone treatment facility is one that provides care for someone who is addicted to opioid drugs such as heroin or prescription painkillers. Opioid Addiction Treatment Programs, also known as Methadone Clinics (OTP), are other names for methadone clinics. The patient receives treatment medication, such Methadone. It is used to treat withdrawal symptoms and to help the patient receive long-lasting, meaningful recovery therapy. Methadone is an opioid that provides patients with an acceptable method of withdrawing from illegal opioids. This also encourages patients to resist returning to illegal drugs.

What treatment is offered at a methadone clinic and what are the options?

Methadone must only be administered and monitored in the hands of medical professionals. In order to offer long-term recovery, counseling is combined with medication-assisted treatment.

Each patient is given a personalized care plan. There are many factors to consider, such as which illicit drug was used, how long it was taken, any co-occurring conditions and the patient’s individual response to treatment.

How are methadone-dependent patients looked after at a clinic for treatment?

The opioid addiction treatment of methadone does not produce the same cravings as the illicit opioid, nor the high-energy rush that is often associated with illegal drug use. Methadone, which is legal in the U.S. since 1947 as a treatment for opioid addiction, suppresses drug withdrawal symptoms up to 24-hours. According to the National Drug Intelligence Center’s Methadone Fast Facts

Patients are also offered counseling and substance abuse therapy. Counseling is a preventative measure against drug relapse. It helps patients manage stress, fix personal relationships, and build professional goals. Individual, family, and group counseling sessions are available for comprehensive treatment and recovery.

Some patients respond immediately while others take longer to reach stability.

What are the benefits of going to a methadone clinic for treatment?

Patients who were dependent on heroin or prescription painkillers can reap the following benefits when methadone therapy is used in conjunction with professional counselling services:

  • Reduction of withdrawal symptoms caused by opioids
  • The reduction of opioid cravings
  • Decline of negative effects of illegal painkillers
  • To help them achieve a successful recovery, they must stop having to use opioid substances.

Why is methadone the best option for treating opioid dependency?

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (Drug Addiction Treatment) has stated that methadone is the best treatment for opioid dependency when it’s combined with other protocols.

  1. Medication Assisted Treatment: (MAT) Treatment medications are prescribed by a physician and block the effects of illicit drugs on the brain. They can be used to end drug cravings. Methadone due to its affordability and effectiveness, is the most frequently used treatment medication. Suboxone, and Buprenorphine both relieve drug cravings but have fewer side-effects than methadone. They are recommended for patients who have a lower dependency on illegal opioids and for whom the treatment is more short-term. Should not be used on patients who have completed detox.
  2. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy(CBT): Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), prevents addiction relapse. CBT helps people identify and correct their problematic behavior. CBT also helps them to deal with other problems that may accompany drug abuse. CBT focuses on anticipating possible problems and encouraging self-control. Patients consider the consequences of continued drug usage. They monitor themselves to identify cravings early on and avoid situations that could lead to drug abuse. Patients are also taught strategies to manage cravings and avoid high risk situations. Studies show that individuals retain the cognitive-behavioral skills they learned during treatment.
  3. Recovery Support Services, (RSS),: Services such as housing, transportation and child care promote a healthy lifestyle in order to decrease the chance of relapse and support those with opioid dependence. People who receive opioid abuse disorder treatment along with RSS have better outcomes for long-term recovery than those who receive either one alone.

These protocols can be further explored in Chapter 4 of the General’s report on Alcohol and Drugs and Health. It is specifically described on pages 4-19 and 4-31.

What happens during the first visit to a methadone clinic as a patient new?

Patients discuss their drug and health histories with a local healthcare provider. Individuals will have to take a urinalysis and blood test. For a personalized treatment plan, doctors will examine the current state of the patient’s health and review their medical history.

On the first visit to the clinic, some patients may be prescribed medication. To stabilize a patient, the appropriate medication dose must be given.

The medical staff informs the patient of the treatment program, sets goals and gives guidelines to ensure safety and success.

To receive their treatment medication and counseling session, patients first need to come to the methadone clinic every single day. A patient who is stable and trustworthy over time will be eligible to receive take-home medication privileges. The clinic may also allow patients to come in for periodic checks.

Who has a role in the recovery of a patient at a methadone treatment clinic?

A methadone clinic will be staffed by medical professionals, such as nurses, counselors, and doctors. A team of administrative and business professionals will be present to assist with the daily operations and functions.

Families, friends, partners, and spouses are encouraged and encouraged to assist a patient through their treatment and recovery. If the patient allows it, friends and family can accompany them to any appointment.

How do I find the right methadone treatment center?

It’s essential to find a reliable and trustworthy medical treatment facility that is accredited, licensed, and follows the federal, state, and local protocols for methadone clinics. Contact New Journey Methadone Clinic in Annapolis Maryland today to schedule your initial appointment!

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Lavonne Amore
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They are completely impersonal! Some counselors are very unprofessional, ignorant & don't care about your needs!... Truthfully they're just worried about that check they get for each patient that continues to come! I got denied information for a food pantry from my counselor who already cared because her supervisor said she would be showing favoritism if she continued to help me with that personal matter! They wonder why some people relapse or maybe even overdose, it's because of people like that that lie about caring for the next person's wellbeing out of convenience for money, then leave them hanging when they're no longer needed! F**K NEW JOURNEY!!!!read more
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Trina Marie
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Love the director Stephanie she goes above and beyond to help you with any problems you may come accross and makes you... feel very comfortable when talking to also have Angela she listens to everything and no problem going out of her way to do for you you can tell she loves her job.I mention those two just because i deal with them on a daily but EVERYONE there is super friendly and im sure you would love anyone program ive ever been!!!!read more
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Danielle Foster
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They are willing to work with you if you have no insurance they do payment plans, they also use a sliding scale based... on income.. the doctors and nurses are amazing and will go over and beyond to get you the help you need, along with wonderful counselors this is the best place to get the help you need whatever your circumstances more
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